Myself on the roof of a squat, taken by fossil buddy.

Myself on the roof of a squat, taken by fossil buddy.

Engines of destruction lurch into gear
our destiny driven by greed and by fear
progress, the bitter sweet pill we must taste
alone we’re exiled to an earth laid to waste

With our very blood we must fuel the machine,
the resultant carnage is fucking obscene.
Madmen rush in where the sane fear to tread,
like cattle to slaughter we are willingly led.

Stillborn we lie cold and dead in our world,
a womb made of concrete and steel.
Lifeless mankind has become obsolete
- prey of

The reaper of death is a silicone brain.
The last plague is progress, a leperous reign.
From master to slave, we soon shall fall, is consuming us all.

A predestined hell unleashed by man’s own hand
eating away irreplaceable land.
Displaced native people become refugees,
they crawl to the axe on hands and knees.
Ground under the wheels of the microchip age,
lost in the translation we just turn the page.

As the sands of time are scattered to the winds of fate
one looks back and wonders if it was a little too late.
Like parasites we slowly suck the life out of our host.
Devouring for profit we’ve destroyed what’s worth the most.

As sickness spreads across the world - the sign of modern times.
Multinationals commit environmental crimes,
protected by a web of bureaucratic red tape and lies.
We’ve made laws which will insure the human kinds demise.

The earth grows more intolerant and hostile day by day
while the fools just say that it’s god’s will and kneel down to pray.

Is your name from the Dystopia song?



A violent clash with the oppressor class
A war forced upon the common people all across the lands
Perpetrated by the leaders and administrators of a criminal shitstem
The time has come to turn our hearts and minds to war.

Targeting the metropoles of capitalist empires
Develop strategies which feed insurrectionary fires.
Its the leaders final race to enslave the populations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.

With the system.
Participation of populations
Seditious deconstruction.

With the system.
Federated cells of resistance
Subvert and destroy.

Assault and expropriation; Seizures and Occupation
Demoralize the government w/ strikes and disruption.
Construct barricades; cause confusion and diversion
Everyday sabotage and resistance to grind down the system.

Developing methods of opposition with strong security and defense
Long periods of silence then sudden attacks
Keep the enemy nervous, unaware of your next hit
Clandestine aggression to loosen their grip.

Work illegitimate jobs, evade any tax
All the money sucked from us supports the ruling class.
Expropriation from the system is a dignified career
An independent and unified under class is their greatest fear.

Houses in the city can act as collective cells
Pockets of community within an urban hell.
Communication between environments to build autonomy
Networks of conscience working people is a way to be free.

At war against the system
Seek out and identify structures of authority.
At war with the system
Challenge domination, challenge hierarchy

The power of the people is the force of life
No idealistic vanguard, we’ll lead ourselves in the fight.
Organizational forms must develop from our own situations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.