Earth day rolls around only once each year 
But for the rest of the year you don’t seem to care 
You have to clear your conscience so you kindly oblige 
And live 24 hours in a guilt-driven lie 

You don’t seem to realize the problems that we face 
It refers to the end of the entire human race 
But maybe the earth would be better off without us 
'Cos all the more I see the more I'm filled with disgust 

If you’d only adjust your lifestyle just a little more each day 
Preserving the earth is worth going out of your way 
But it’s no immediate concern so you put aside the thought 
Soon your ignorance and apathy will be the only things you’ve got 

If you don’t care about your life than at least think of the children 
Think of the environment they’ll be forced to live in 
If we don’t act now there may be no children at all 
'Cos humanity is stumbling and we're ready to fall 

But still you continue to hunt and fish 
Ravage the environment and do as you wish 
Polluting air and streams with your smog and trash 
The traffic of carelessness will make sure we crash 

No one seems to give a fuck 
I guess the earth is just out of luck 
We’ve slit our own fucking wrists 
Into the toilet of life we are pissed 
No one seems to give a fuck 
The guilty always pass the buck 
But this is where the buck stops 
A new life the earth will adopt

with all the flaws of technology
we are forced to destroy
to keep with our “needs”
but our needs are superficial cause the best things in life are the things that are free

solar energy is perfect
it’s abundant and free
but they cannnot sell the sun
so they pollute the air we breathe
if there’s gas burning over that then there’s money to be made
it doesn’t matter if we choke
just as long as they’re paid

humanity is diggin it’s own grave
from the master in his high rise
to his hunched over slaves
we are all to blame
we’re all wasteful and greedy
your own ways

examine your actions, retrace your steps
the oblivious fool is the fool who breeds death
you cannot attack the whole until you killl the fool inside
so much can be done
but you most firust use your mind

you’ll never be perfect unless you drop out of life
you’re cavity just the same
we must realize we’re either making things worse or helping things change

there is no better place
save the earth
why all die in misery
break your chains
we can’t change in our graves
save the earth
and we’re damned to count on you
break the chains

We’ve never claimed to be politically correct
Have you ever heard the term nobody’s perfect
We do what we can to preserve the earth
No matter what you do, they estimate your worth

Fucking critics leave me alone

One false move the P.C. are there to tell
You want to seem better than everyone else
Have you nothing better to do than put people down
You’re not helping matters, you’re only making bounds


What the fuck is toxic desolation?! a new, crust as fuck, D.I.Y. zine, which’ll hopefully be out on time for Scumfest 2014.

It deals in short, shit and to the point reviews of all demos that are crusty, stinky, grindy, sludgy, doomy and bleak. Not to be a totally critical break-down of the…

Currently writing a short review of this bands demo, which im going to stick in a shitty, cheap, diy zine of metalpunk demo reviews and art stuff.check em out! 

Currently writing a short review of this bands demo, which im going to stick in a shitty, cheap, diy zine of metalpunk demo reviews and art stuff.

check em out! 

Some things i need to do before this summer starts.
  • Put some of my drawings online
  • Finish off my THREE uncompleted tattoos.
  • Carve a new axehandle.
  • Improve bushcraft and primitive skills.
  • Get better at skateboarding.
  • Make money/save money
  • "find" a camera
  • Complete “Now Thats What I Call Stenchcore!” compilation disc.

Tore the people from the land
Torched their houses with bloodied hands
Thousands starved or died at sea
A sickening toll of human misery

Broke the old clan system where land was there for all
And once the people had their backs against the wall
The connivance of the church cleared them off the land
"Remember it’s God’s will so don’t try to make a stand"

They made a desert where trees once stood
Squeezing from the land every penny that they could
Ethnic cleaning of the glens for farming sheep
'Cos that way there's more profit for the rich scum to reap

"Beautiful bleak moorland?"- I don’t think so
This is a place where great forests used to grow
Laid waste by a rich man’s greed
Reclaim the land and plant the seed

Yet still every year, seeking their roots
They come from overseas to kiss the boots
Of the clan chief and lick the hand
Of the very people who threw their families off the land

This is nothing more than a sick farce
paying homage to the ruling class
Who, without hesitation, do it all again
Those who forget history to repeat it are condemned

"Gee, Scotland, It’s so quaint.
All this scenery makes me feel quite faint.
Clan chief looks so good in his kilt
We never think of the blood his family spilt”

"I’m the clan chief o.k. yah
I support Scotland when they play rugger
But an independent country? there I’d draw the line
I own this land it’s mine all mine

FUCK YOU, You arrogant prick
You inbred rich bastard, you make me fucking sick!
You own fuck all - except in your head
One day the land will be ours - and you’ll be dead

I won’t beg permission to walk the land they claim to “own”
And I won’t pay no fucker to gain access to the stones.
The rich have stolen and buy and sell our earth
But it belongs to no one, or to all by right of birth

Take back the land! Take back the land!